Thursday, October 4, 2012

Funny Boat Names

We regularly monitor the VHF radio on Channel 22 to listen for weather updates and to listen for other boats hailing us. We rarely get called, but sometimes the parents of Kyle's friends will call asking us to send them home for dinner. To hail someone, you state one to three times in succession the name of the boat or station you're calling, followed by the name of your boat, once.  
Emiliano, from Flying Dragon, and Kyle with lego creations, shortly 
before Emiliiano was hailed on the radio to head home for dinner.  
Quite routinely we hear a boat named Star Fish hailing a boat named Easy Lady.  The gal from Star Fish will say, "Easy Lady, Easy Lady, (short pause) Star Fish." I often laugh when she is hailing her friend on Easy Lady because, well, because Easy Lady is a funny name for a boat. Recently Kyle asked Ken and me why we were laughing about it. I set out to explain why "Easy Lady" isn't a nice thing to call a woman. Fairly quickly I found it was getting too complicated for a six year old and simply said, "It's not a polite thing to call another woman" and "I'll explain it to you in more detail when you get older."  He seemed satisfied with that answer.  

Another one of our neighbors, Jim, had a boat named "Against the Wind." He had a long story about how the boat actually had an inappropriate name given to it by the previous owner who was a plastic surgeon. The name - Big 'Uns. So on his way to the office where he was going to sign off on the final paperwork to purchase the boat he was listening to the Bob Seger song, Against the Wind. Since no other names came to mind as he sat down in the office, he decided to name the boat after the song. Jim said it seems to be his reality - he and his boat are always going against the wind.   

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