Saturday, June 29, 2013

Our new Sea Biscuit

We have a new family addition to announce - Sea Biscuit the dog. He is a welsh terrier puppy. Ken and Kyle picked him up last week. So far he is a great puppy. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Barra and Biking

Even though Sea Biscuit now has new owners and we are settling back into life on land, I am continuing to (slowly) catch up on pictures and stories from our time aboard. This post is about Barra de Navidad, on the Costa Alegre of Mexico (the red marker on the map below). 

Below are pictures from our first visit to Barra de Navidad when we stayed in the lagoon (Where we were eaten by mosquitoes and tortured by the local fisherman out fishing at 5:00AM right next to our boat) and also from the time we had Sea Biscuit in the Barra Marina (late January, February and March 2013). 

One highlight of our time in Barra was being able to take Kyle's bike on land. We explored the Grand Bay Hotel's golf course (respecting the golfers, of course). 

Riding along the golf course path.

Our friends from Harmony, Robert and Virginia, were also in Barra de Navidad right before Christmas picking up kids and grandkids for a visit. We all went across the golf course to the beach. Kyle had a great time playing with Coco and Toby.  

Kyle and Coco 

Kyle, Coco, and Toby

If you look closely you'll see the staircase leading to "Hidden Beach."

The map below shows you the general location of the hidden beach (green arrow) and the Barra de Navidad Lagoon.

View SV Sea Biscuit Map in a larger map  
The Green Arrow and dot in the map above show where the hidden beach is. The Blue marker to the East is where we started our walk along the beach after crossing the golf course (green line). The sailboat in the lagoon was our approximate location when we anchored in the Barra Lagoon.  And the blue marker near the sailboat is the little dinghy dock we used to get to the golf course.     

Pictures from February and March 2012.  

Taking the water taxi to Barra 
Banking around a turn 

Avoiding another water taxi 

Bike aboard 

Playing Star Wars in Barra de Navidad 

Kyle - enjoying the sunset