Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

As of Wednesday, the 22nd of August, I am back in La Cruz aboard Sea Biscuit. Ken and Kyle were busy getting settled back into life in La Cruz and figuring out which school for Kyle to go to.  Before I write about school, a few notes and pictures unrelated to school.      


Mentioned in my last blog post, while I was still in Albuquerque Ken, Kyle, our friends from Kenta Anae and from Breeze all went to the Puerto Vallarta Zoo. Some pictures of the zoo visit below: 

Kyle, Matero, Ella, and Per with the giraffe. 
Getting ready to feed the giraffe.
On the dock. 


Neighbors of my mom's in Albuquerque kindly gave us a kid's bicycle that we brought down to Mexico. Kyle wasn't very interested in riding it in ABQ, but once he got to the marina where Shandro and Matero from Kenta Anae have their bicycles, he took off ...  (a video of biking may come later) 

Biking on the malecon

I brought light sabers back from NM as a gift for Shandro and Matero to go with the one Kyle received on his birthday this year. Many battles between good and evil are being fought on the dock (videos of battles coming soon).


Kyle tried one week of school at the local public school. Ken sat with him in school for most of the first four days to try to help him and and translate for him. Unfortunately he didn't seem to be getting very much out of it. We want Kyle to enjoy going to school and get as much as possible out of it. So, we decided to enroll him in a small private school, five miles away in Bucerias - Colegio Salzmann. It is a bilingual school with English classes every day to go with Spanish, Math, Science, Civics, French, and Art. (The private schools in Mexico are called "colegios" and the public schools are called "escuelas").

We have found the staff at Colegio Salzmann to be amazing, helpful, and patient as they translate for us and help Kyle navigate his way through is first week of school. We are really impressed with how much time they have spent with us. They clearly have the attitude that each student is important and they do whatever it takes to make it work for the student and the parents. With all our questions we have been a lot of trouble, yet they have been nothing but courteous and helpful. They are so good we hate to leave to start sailing South in December.  
In uniform and ready to head into school.  

The entrance to Colegio Salzmann.

Preschool, 1st through 3rd and 4th through 6th grades.  

Day #1 at the new school was a little bit hard for Kyle. Since then, things are getting better.  

Heading home with a big bag of school supplies.  

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