What has happened to Sea Biscuit the Boat?

October 13, 2014

As far as we can tell, Sea Biscuit is up for sale again in Puerto Vallarta. We hope her next owners take her far and have great adventures.   

May 1st, 2013

On Tuesday, April 20th, 2013 we closed on the sale of Sea Biscuit to Tom and Chris from Vancouver, WA. We hope they will enjoy Sea Biscuit as much as we have.   

April 23, 2013

UPDATE - We have accepted an offer from a couple interested in buying Sea Biscuit. The  details and contingencies of the sale are being worked out. If it all works out with the sale, we think the buyers will take good care of Sea Biscuit and will hopefully take her to new and exciting places. 

The sea trial and survey happened Saturday, April 20th. I have pasted pictures and videos from the haulout at the La Cruz Shipyard below. 

The buyer's daughter, Tamiko, son-in-law, Steve, and grandson, Eli, live in a sailboat named Landfall. Landfall is also in La Cruz. We have enjoyed getting to know the buyers and the Landfall crew during the process of selling the boat.

Ken, Kyle and I are each in a bit of shock that the sale has moved along so smoothly and quickly. Ken and Kyle would like to continue to live aboard. Nonetheless, Kyle is generally happy about heading home to Nambe, as am I (Christina). Ken is resigned to return to life on land but is looking forward to new adventures.  

Kyle and Eli inspecting the bottom

Sea Biscuit in the shipyard, waiting to be painted 
Kyle settling into our temporary digs on land

From March 2013 
Many of you have said you, your friends or partners would love to live aboard a sailboat and sail the world's oceans. Now is your chance! Sea Biscuit is a very well maintained and well equipped 43 foot Skookum Marine Slocum cruising sailboat built in 1985.   
Click here for details.

After much deliberation we have decided it is time to sell Sea Biscuit. For details on why we are wanting to go back to land, see the Selling Sea Biscuit blog post.   

Note - the listing information is also available at Sailboatlistings.com, but it's easier to read on the link above.  

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