Thursday, October 4, 2012

September Happenings - Boat Projects, Haircuts, Iguanas


Installing seats in the cockpit has been on our list of boat projects for Sea Biscuit. Putting seats in would extend the seating area and allow us to stretch our legs and lie down. Last Spring we had Ron from the boat named Valerie K make teak seats for us.  They fit the space perfectly. Last week Ken finished installing the seats. Unfortunately we broke the camera as we were taking pictures of the seats, so these below aren't the best, but you get an idea of what they seats are like.

Starboard side extension.

Port side seat extension.

Another starboard picture.
Now we will be able to sleep out in the cockpit. 

Continuing into October is the wind generator project. Ken is now about half way through installing the wind generator. Pictures coming soon.  


I decided that the hot humid weather and my hair just didn't mix well so a couple weeks ago I went in to the hair stylist and had her cut my hair. Nothing too crazy, just a lot shorter.    

Short Hair 

I liked the bob haircut ok, but it didn't offer the relief I was hoping for from the heat. So late last week I went in for a second haircut. I got immediate heat relief and a much simpler hairdo for living on the boat. 

Shorter Hair 


No, we haven't tried eating iguana or any other exotic dishes lately. Instead, I saw an iguana eating a mouse. I was picking some fruit off of the thorny bushes that line the marina and an iguana skittered out. He had something hanging from his mouth. It was a live mouse the iguana was trying to gulp down. From what I gleaned on the internet, iguanas are normally herbivores but now and then eat mice or birds. 

Iguana with a live mouse.

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