Sunday, August 12, 2012

Return to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

Just a little over a week ago, on Friday, August 3rd, Ken and Kyle arrived back in La Cruz. They drove the truck from Albuquerque to La Cruz through Tucson and Nogales in five days, covering 1,590 miles.  
They got back on Sea Biscuit and it was as if they had never left. The next night they were invited to a potluck on a wooden boat (circa 1925) owned by a couple of Italians. Breeze, another sailboat with kid(s?) arrived back from a summer trip up into the Sea of Cortez. Ella (from Breeze), Kyle, Shandro and Matero (from sv Kenta Anae, with a blog post when they were all younger) ran around until they were tired and soaking wet from the rain. 

This last week on Thursday Ken and Kyle took a trip to the zoo in Puerto Vallarta with our friends from Kenta Anae and from Breeze. Then they went for a swim and ate at Planet Vegetariana, then visited a little town nearby, with the adults ending the day with beers on Breeze. Far busier than we were in Albuquerque! 

I don't have any pictures from the zoo or summer in La Cruz yet, but I do have a few pictures from the Spring of Shandro, Matero, and Kyle dressed up for fires, pirate battles and perhaps a visit to the zoo - thanks to the amazing costume closet on Kenta Anae. 
Matero the monkey, Shandro the pirate, Kyle the fire fighter. 

A pirate and a monkey get sucked into the iPad. 
As for my whereabouts - I am still here in Albuquerque hobbling around with my foot bundled in a large boot or, more likely, sitting around with my foot elevated to reduce the swelling. Recovery from bunion surgery is coming along well and I should be boot free this coming Thursday. 

Four weeks after surgery.

The boot.  
I miss Ken and Kyle and all our friends in La Cruz and am looking forward to flying back in about 10 days. Yay!  

Ah, but don't think I'm not having any fun here. My mom and I attended a ukulele workshop yesterday at the Outpost Performance Space with the famous Heidi Swedberg  (one of Heidi's fun songs - Owl and the Pussycat) and Daniel Ward. We were all invited to join the band in the concert that followed. The more advanced students got more out of the Latin Technique for Uke with Daniel, a NM flamenco guitar (and ukulele) phenomenon. This was my first introduction to playing a stringed instrument (although the piano does have strings). Maybe ukulele will be Kyle's first stringed instrument too. I wish Heidi and Dan would come to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and do a workshop, they were fabulous teachers and reminded us how much fun making music can be. A license to be silly. 
To my right is Heidi and to my left is Daniel along with other workshop attendees.
And a bit of trivia - Heidi played George Costanza's  fiancĂ©e on Seinfeld

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