Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A trip to Destiladeras Beach

In late February our friends Dan, Lisa, Savannah (from Endorfin), Lisa’s father, Erwin, and stepmom, Janice, and their friend Rob (from Wings of the Dawn) invited us to go to the beach with them. We took the bus to Destiladeras Beach, a twisting, turning, ten minute bus ride at top speed. We paid for an umbrella and chairs and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. 

I asked around to find out if there had been a tequila distillery in the area near this beach, lending it the name Destiladeras, but it seems the name comes from a spring dripping from the cliffs past Punta el Burro (also called Punta Veneros). The freshwater collects in pools right beside the ocean. The next time we go to this beach we are going to have to look for the pools.   

Kyle and Savannah (also 5) had a great time playing in the water, chasing each other around, and digging in the sand. They were both exhausted that night.  

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