Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Final La Paz post

A few last highlights of our time in La Paz 

Walks and Friends
We found other kids on sailboats in La Paz. We were very happy to find another 5 yr old boy, Cooper, from sailboat Whiz. He and Kyle had a great time chasing pelicans, playing at a park, and having a bite to eat.  Hopefully we’ll see Cooper again further south in Mexico. I wish I'd had my camera when we went to the park with Frances, 5, and Eleanor, 7 (I think) from Del Viento. They are headed North to the Pacific Northwest.  


The malecon is still one of our favorite walks.  Sad news to report though – the tail on the manta ray was broken off last week.

The pictures below are from the area just North and East of Marina Palmira where we like to go for walks.  There is the walk up to the cross and also an area thick with saguaro cacti that we enjoy walking in.  Kyle likes the trash area that unfortunately comes before the nice saguaro trails. There is lots of construction debris that he marvels at. 

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