Friday, May 24, 2013

Back on land

written by Christina 

The best news of late is that Ken and Kyle made it back from La Cruz last week. And all nine bags made it too. 

This was a day that the SmartCart just couldn't do the job
Unfortunately somewhere along the line a few things were removed from one or more of the bags. Like what? Ken's camera, a phone charger, and a few other things. A bit disappointing. At least the items were replaceable and there were only a few pictures on the camera.  UPDATE, June 16, 2013 - We have found everything, it was just a matter of digging through all the bags. We have been back in our house a little over a week and are slowly unpacking everything. American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and TSA get a 5 star score for bringing us and all our bags back! 

And, like last year, Kyle made it back just in time for his friend Seamus' birthday party. Kyle and Seamus got along great - as if only a week instead of a year had passed since they'd seen each other. Ken and I were pleased to get a chance to see some of our adult friends too!  

Blowing out the candles 

Enjoying a cupcake 

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