Saturday, May 25, 2013

Best Airport Art

written by Christina 

In our travels we visited a number of airports but not that many museums or art galleries. Lucky for us it seems like every airport has an art installation of some sort. Some have photography exhibits, others have sculptures and paintings. I found my favorite piece of art was the Indian Head in the Mexico City airport. It is an example of Huichol art made from beads carefully laid out in the designs of centuries old symbols. We came to recognize some of these symbols from the art we saw in and around La Cruz and Barra de Navidad in Mexico.  

Huichol Art Head 

Side view 

Closeup picture of the Huichol Sun-Moon symbol. 
The Sun is considered the father and the Earth is considered the mother. According to the 

Huichol myths, the Sun is coming close to the Earth to purify it. The Moon is supposed 

to become brighter than the Sun when the world ends. Source: yahoo.answers 

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