Saturday, January 5, 2013

¡Prospero Año!

"Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!"  Albert Einstiein

Happy New Year from Tenacatita Bay! Thank you for all your love and support in 2012. Just a few days late... I hope we're not getting stuck on Mexico time.  

We are staying here in Tenacatita for a bit while we figure out the new plan. Tentatively, the new plan is to go back to La Cruz in the next month (or two?) and then travel to Ecuador by plane to see if it's a place we'd like to stay. Then we will return to La Cruz and stay there for six months or more. During that time we may prepare to head to Ecuador while figuring out the plan for Sea Biscuit. But remember, the plan will probably change.       

Enough about the future, since we left La Cruz on December 1st, we have traveled from Chamela Bay down to Paraiso, Tenacatita, Barra de Navidad, Carrizal, Santiago Bay, Las Hadas, and most recently back up to Tenacatita. We have sampled the Mexican Riviera and have decided that Tenacatita is our favorite place. To see all of the anchorages we've been in, visit the Maps page (the Sat view is the best, but to save bandwidth, I have it pegged to the less interesting Map view).   

View SV Sea Biscuit Map in a larger map 

Top 6 reasons we like it here:  

1. Beautiful location with a nice beach (the beach is not as long as the Chamela Bay beach, but long enough for a decent walk and uncrowded)
2. Dolphins and whales, although we haven't seen whales this last week.
3. Nice social scene - among the sailboats, we have a mayor - Robert from Harmony - who organizes bocce ball on the beach and dinghy raftups on Friday evenings (there are no houses close-by on the beach, so Robert isn't stepping on any local mayor's toes).  
4. Few mosquitoes, especially compared to the lagoon in Barra de Navidad.
5. No jet skis or power boats, unlike Santiago Bay and Las Hadas which were like being in a washing machine.
6. Quieter than the other anchorages - less loud music and no fishermen 20 feet from your boat at 5AM as we had in the Barra de Navidad Lagoon.   

Dolphin in Tenacatita Bay
After rubbing on our anchor chain.
As far as the jet skis and loud music in the other anchorages, we have to remind ourselves that we were traveling through the Costa Alegre/Mexican Riviera during the high season (we should expect music and jet skis). After Christmas things calmed down a lot. 

Each of the other places had their high points too. The French Baker visiting the boats every morning in Barra de Navidad was great. Simply, from all the anchorages, we've just found Tenacatita to be the best all around choice.   

Kyle and Ken
And to end, a couple pictures of us from Las Hadas, from the Paradiso Restaurant where there was a nice view of Sea Biscuit in the small anchorage and the shipping lanes into Manzanillo behind the anchorage. This was the second place we took the bicycle to shore, as you might guess by the helmet. 

Ken, Kyle, Christina 

Christina, Sea Biscuit (behind), and Kyle

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