Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dogs and Donations

After Christmas Kyle decided to donate some of his Christmas money that he received from his Grandpa to the Espanola Valley Animal Shelter (Thank you again-Grandpa!). He is hoping other kids his age will be encouraged to help out in similar ways. His generosity was contagious and I decided to donate some of my Christmas money too. Kyle even wrote a letter to go with his donation.

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Frequently Kyle talks about how much he misses his dog, Truck. Truck is living with one of our neighbors in Nambe. We can't thank her enough for taking Truck in.

One time in about 2009 Truck disappeared for about 4 days. Kyle and I went to the Espanola Valley Animal Shelter to see if Truck was there and posted "Lost Dog" signs at local businesses. She wasn't at the shelter, but our heart went out to the dogs who were there. 

It turned out Truck had wandered about 3 miles away and was happily sleeping on the sofa at another family's house. It was as if she had found someone better!  We brought her home but sometimes asked that same family if they would dog sit for us, since she obviously liked going to their place and playing with their dogs. Below - a few pictures of Kyle and Truck (we also called her Truckee). 

In their younger days

Just a nap, no sleeping on the couch or sleeping on the bed through the night. Is it a wonder why she went to the neighbors - so neglected? 


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  1. It is a heart warming story too. The joy depicted in both the dog and the boy's face is priceless.