Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ode to Colegio Salzmann

Now that Kyle is busy with homeschooling I am once again amazed at how much patience and work goes into teaching kids. Kyle's teachers at Colegio Salzmann did a wonderful job. He is doing well in English, he knows his math, his penmanship is greatly improved, his Spanish is better and better. His English teacher, Teacher Heidi, was his favorite.
She and the class created a huge Bon Voyage card for Kyle before he left. 

Maestra Heidi and Kyle 
Kyle showing his card to friends
With his friend Aline.

What a great card! 

His science and environment teacher, Maestra Celina, did an excellent job keeping him interested in the world around us. Kyle enjoyed Art and Music class with his teacher, Edgar (outside of school we had fun listening to Edgar play his guitar at Philo's). Kyle also found out that Maestra Yadira, his Spanish teacher, was one of the nicest teachers in the whole school. He even started to like French toward the end.  

Kyle had quite a few different teachers, so those I didn't mention, please know we appreciate each of your efforts. Muchas Gracias!  


  1. Thank you for this post. We are relocating to PV in June and are considering Colegio Salzmann for our 4 year old son. I am so glad that your son had a great experience.

    Monique Labarre
    S/V Sea Conquest

  2. Bouncing off of Monique's post, we too are enrolling our daughter in March at Colegio Salzman. She is a wee thing at only 2.5 years old but we will be here for another year and really want her to learn Spanish. So happy to read this great review of the school!! We also live on our boat, a Hans Christian 36. Our blog is here:

    Thanks again!