Thursday, November 29, 2012

Zoo Visit Number Two

One or two more blog posts before we leave La Cruz. 

The plan is to go out to dinner with friends tonight at Tacos on the Street (Tacos en la Calle), untie from the marina slip tomorrow, stay in the anchorage for one night, and then leave Saturday morning - December 1st, 2012 for Chamela (see the new Map page - the most southerly blue marker). 

Today is Kyle's last day at Colegio Salzmann. We were worried he'd be sad saying goodbye to his friends and he is a little bit, but his sadness seems to be far outweighed by his enthusiasm to go see new places.  

Back when we still had Ken's truck here in Mexico, every time we talked about going somewhere on the weekends, Kyle would ask if we couldn't go to the zoo again. We were waiting for the weather to cool off a bit and it finally has (although we are still running our air conditioner most days). So a couple weekends ago we headed to the other side Puerto Vallarta near Mismaloya to visit the zoo. It is about an hour's drive from La Cruz. 

This was my first visit to the zoo. It was definitely unlike a visit to the Albuquerque zoo. Here you are actively encouraged to feed the animals. We bought one snack box which comes with many different snacks for the animals - bread, corn, carrots, etc. in little brown paper bags. The animals love the snack bags and come over to see you. I enjoyed giving them snacks, but hated to see them fighting with each other over the snacks. 

Feed me first!  

Snacks for the dromedaries

Kyle and the giraffe. 

These llamas remind me of the early Dr. Doolittle movie

Pigs, goats, and bunnies all in one cage

This gray baboon very carefully took the snacks out of our hands.
He even has freckles. Seems like he must get sunburned.  

Beating the heat. 

Most of the cage areas and the walking paths were nicely shaded and the animals seemed to have ample water and be well fed. It felt a bit like walking through a subtropical jungle.   

Tiger watching Kyle as he walked by. Uninterested in adults. 
As cute as they were, we didn't pay extra to play with the tiger cubs. The cost is something like $20.00 per person to go into the tiger cub cage.  

Suggestion for anyone going to visit the Puerto Vallarta Zoo - buy at least two boxes of snacks. 

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