Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 10th, 2011 - San Carlos, Sonora Mexico

Where are we?  Still in San Carlos. If things go well and the weather cooperates, we may go out for a short sail in the next day or two to test all the systems. If the stars are aligned, this coming week we will leave San Carlos - but don't be surprised if we are here a bit longer.  The inverter may need to replaced. In the meantime, Kyle is having fun, tending to his homeschool studies, and helping Captain Ken (as he likes to call him now).  

 Anchor watch?  Anchor play. 

First Mate Kyle checking to be sure the engine cooling water is flowing. 

Yesterday Ken rebuilt the head/toilet – a precautionary measure.  Earlier in the week, he spent three days lying with his head in the bilge. Ken was busy with the arduous task of repacking the propeller’s stuffing box.  The hard part wasn’t putting the new packing material in, it was pulling out the old stuffing that had hardened and stopped allowing water to trickle in and cool off the propeller shaft. 

Kyle now makes his toys pump out the bilge of their imaginary boats when he’s playing with them.  

Upsides to staying in port: Kyle has had a chance to get many of his toys out, he has met all the animals in marina area (cats, egrets, pelicans, dogs, and bees.  He wants to meet the raccoon, but we hope he doesn't), I now know where things are in the kitchen and am getting used to living in small spaces before we add water to the mix.  


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